Thursday, 23 December 2010

Oh my...!!

A day will be so incomplete without having any cooking done. It doesn't matter at all if the results are not up to my expectations because you know, when you are a passionate, there's always this kind of gratifying feeling that will hook you up until you accomplish.

So today i decided to make a very simple dessert. Well, sweet and simple is a must as this blog turns out. Nevertheless i always found it difficult to satisfy my tastebuds when it comes to this one particular dessert. It's just an apple tart and to be true, this is NOT my cup of tea, at all. There were countless times where i started out feeling so charmed to buy ones sold in boulangerie at the roadsides, just to end up feeling upset with the taste and texture.

But i still remember this one fine evening, when i was still studying in Rouen, my room neighbour invited me for tea. She baked a super scrumptious apple tart that had captivated all my senses at that time. I tell you, that was the very first time i fell in love with the apple-dessert thingy and i swear, that got to be the best i ever tasted in my whole life. Huwaaa.

So i dare myself to give a try today. Failing to contact my ex-neighbour through facebook for the recipe, i make full use of Google like everyone does. I tell you, there was like thousand different recipes stacking in the list. Hurm, how am i going to choose while i have no idea what type of apple tart that suits my picky tastebud?

Nevermind dear, this is just for an experiment right. And you never lose anything for trying something out. So i just picked one randomly, based on the ingredients i have in store and which requires the least time of preparation. Hehe.

And voilaa, this is how my apple tart turned out after 45 minutes of preparaing + baking :

Ahaa. Ignore the messy and burnt part. I know i am way too far to be good in adorning my cooking. Phew.

As my cookings are nor intended to impress anybody, neither to show off my skill and how good i am as a woman (blegh!), i just couldn't care to show you the mediocre outcome as it may seem. But i don't bother to tell you the recipe. You surely could do it even better!

Ouh, maybe you need to know this one thing, especially for those in France. If ever you're buying a ready-made pate feuilleté for the crust, mind to take a look at the ingredients, as it may contain alcohol commonly. Well, i just learnt this today, when my housemate noticed on the packaging that it contains alcohol, and the best thing is my tart was already inside the oven. Ouh, poor me..

I did some research on the net, looking for some steadfast enlightenment, wether i have to simply throw away the whole thing. Well, praise be to Allah, though my apple tart happened to be just a frugal-but-edible piece of food, i still can eat them despite the alcohol. I bet you must wanna know why right?

Well, it is according to a fatwa in Malaysia, but for this i suggest you to read it yourself, for i fear that my explanation could possibly be misleading. Bottom line, it is because the alcohol used is not as additive, but appears as a result of natural reaction between chemicals during the manufacturing process. And secondly due to the minute content itself.

Oh dear, it's late already and i have to get myself ready for a phone call. I mean, the phone call, as usual. Hehe

Till then, have a blissful day lovelies!

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